The Future of Local Radio in Aberdeen

Affordable digital broadcasting for radio stations in the Aberdeen area

In an attempt to develop a sustainable and cost-effective platform for services wishing to broadcast on small-scale DAB across the city of Aberdeen (Scotland's third largest city) – Aberdeen DAB has been established.

Aberdeen DAB has been established by Station House Media Unit, the Ofcom licenced community radio broadcaster in Aberdeen. We are applying to operate the Aberdeen North digital radio multiplex covering the city of Aberdeen. We are local people and believe this initiative should be a partnership between the wide variety of broadcasters, organisations and individuals who will most benefit from this exciting new technology.

The Service

The multiplex will be able to carry up to twenty different services in digital quality. Our ambition is to provide an affordable long-term digital future for many existing broadcasters, as well as offering a platform that will allow local community-based broadcasters to flourish.

Community Radio

Are you running a community radio station, or would you like to? Whether it’s for your local area or for people with a common interest, we can get you onto DAB.

Hospital Radio

With hospital stays getting shorter and more patients recovering in the community, many hospital stations are finding it useful to be heard in the surrounding area.

Student Radio

If you’re an established student radio station, or if your university, college or school would like to start one, now you can broadcast off-campus to your students across the city.

Commercial Radio

At last smaller commercial radio stations can afford to be heard on DAB. You’ll be sharing the cost of the transmitter so it works out far cheaper than conventional FM or AM broadcasting.

National networks

Specialist or niche radio stations can now reach targeted audiences across the country by taking space on selected local multiplexes at reasonable rates.

New ideas

Got a new concept in audio broadcasting? Take your online or podcast dream and make it a reality here in the north east. Let’s make radio history together!


Broadcasting as part of Aberdeen DAB will be cheaper than you think.

It will be much less expensive than FM as you’ll be sharing the transmitter costs with up to 20 other stations. And we’ll have guaranteed space for up to six stations operating under Ofcom community digital licences. 

If you’d like to find out how you, or your organisation, could be part of the future of radio in, and for, Aberdeen, then fill in this Expression of Interest Form below.

Expression of Interest
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Expression of Interest

Mobile or landline

For any other enquiries, please send us a message.

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